Sapienstone Countertops


Sapienstone Countertops in New Jersey

Update your home with new Sapienstone countertops in New Jersey. Enjoy scratch and heat-resistant products from a leading manufacturer of engineered stone countertops. Contact the team at Paramus Kitchen and Bath to explore options and arrange installation.

Explore the Advantages of Sapienstone Countertops

Sapienstone produces high-quality countertop slabs using a combination of ceramic clays and mineral coloring. The resulting products are highly resilient. They can withstand damage from heat, light, and chemical cleaners and disinfectants.
Additional benefits of choosing Sapienstone countertops in New Jersey include:

Sapienstone countertops have a non-porous surface. The non-porous surface protects from spills and chemicals. Liquids cannot easily penetrate the smooth surface, which protects the countertops from stains and mold.

You can enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary surface with less effort compared to other countertop materials. If you spill wine, simply wipe it up without worrying about it staining the counter.

Sapienstone countertops also come in many styles, colors, and looks to suit your tastes. All options include marble veining and a polished appearance, which can instantly make a kitchen or bathroom appear more luxurious and sophisticated.

Contact us at Paramus Kitchen and Bath for more details on the installation of Sapienstone countertops in New Jersey.

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Add More Value and Style to Your Kitchen

Sapienstone countertops can instantly add more value to any kitchen. However, not everyone worries about the return on a kitchen remodel. Other reasons to consider installing Sapienstone countertops include:

New countertops can transform the way that you use your kitchen. Sapienstone countertops may offer a lifetime of use with less effort compared to other materials, such as laminate countertops.

If you want to explore options, contact us at Paramus Kitchen and Bath.

Trusted Choice for Sapienstone Countertops in New Jersey

At Paramus Kitchen and Bath, we only sell and install products from trusted manufacturers, such as Sapienstone. We have access to an extensive range of Sapienstone countertops in New Jersey and can easily find the perfect option for your home.

We have years of experience designing and building custom kitchens and baths. You can expect professional results at the best prices, whether you are planning a complete remodel or simply replacing the countertops. Contact us today to explore options.